KC on Rails Hits 20,000 Page Views Today!

A little over a year ago, I ported my blog to WordPress and something magical happened – somebody else started counting the hits, and putting them in chart form that was really motivating. It hasn’t officially happened yet, but my traffic is pretty consistent. As I write this, I’m just a couple dozen hits away, and I’ll make that by this afternoon. I’d like to thank everyone who made this possible.

To my nonhuman peeps:

Thank you Google, without whom my site, and everyone else’s, and indeed the entire internet economy, would crash and burn into little ashes. Years later, people would stumble onto those ashes, and the conversation would go something like this:

“What’s with all the ashes?”

“Oh, that used to be the internet.”

“Huh, I don’t see what the big fuss was about. Let’s use our hyperconnective implanted brain-chips to play a game of virtual scrabble.”


I’d also like to thank the many spambots, who never stopped believing they could crack my approve-only comment policy by tossing generic praise my way, while pimping their latest herbal viagra supplement. Actually, the fact that you thought highly enough of my site to assume it would be teaming with your aging, oversexed baby boomer demographic is just the flattery I needed to get through those Mondays.

Ooh, that reminds me – I’d like to thank the comic strip character Cathy for retiring this year. No longer writing all those angry letters forced me to vent into another creative outlet, and KC on Rails bore the brunt of it.

To the strangers:

Thanks to the haughty experts who delighted in pointing out syntax or logical mistakes. We need more people like you, so I promptly forwarded your contact info to the herbal viagra companies I mentioned above.

To the friends:

Thanks to my heros like Dr. Nic, Technical Pickles, Ryan Bates, and the entire Thoughtbot crew (including former bot Tamir Saleh whose code I dug through on many late nights). Not just for the guidance, but thanks in advance for not publicly shaming/mocking my excitement over my number of lifetime views that you probably get daily.

I actually met most of you in person at RailsConf last year, and you were awesome. Dr. Nic, you were very friendly and social for a programming expert. I’ve only ever heard of 6 actual people from Australia that weren’t fictional characters on Lost, so maybe you were just lonely. Josh and Thoughtbot, you guys were very cool about me unknowingly crashing what was apparently a Boston rubyists exclusive lunch :)

And finally, thanks to the loads of real people who came to my blog for answers, and hopefully found them. And a very special thank you to Vladimir, who has translated some of my posts into Russian. If you know the language, check out his blog at Developing Ruby and Rails.

In Summary

With the decline of quality late night television, expect me to continue to ramp up my online contributions, and don’t be afraid to ask for something you’d like me to explain (keep it to the ruby, rails, or ninja genres), or just say “hi” if you stop by. I appreciate it.


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