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Technoweenie’s restful_authentication has long been a favorite among Rails developers for user management/authentication. My plugin is the simplest way to add roles – admin, member, restricted, etc. Rather than a has_many relationship between users and roles, this plugin assumes roles are progressively more strict.


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This generator creates a settings table, complete with simple admin interface that can be customized to your liking. It also provides helpful shortcuts. If you have a setting named login_message you can do things like Setting.login_message = 'You must login to proceed.' or puts Setting.login_message.


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Seed data can be complex and cumbersome. If you have a larger project with complex model relationships, more than one developer, or the need to demo your app to others, this gem can help. It takes your existing production database and generates realistic dummy data based on your actual records. Create a copy of the database for demo purposes, or to give a new developer good seed data.


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If you want to implement a blacklist that is integrated with your validations, you don’t want to put actual blacklist data in the model, for a couple of reasons. First, you need to be able to change it programmatically. Second, the blacklist itself might not belong in your repository, much like database settings and private key data. This gem uses yaml files and a clean interface, even allowing your app to update the blacklist on the fly.


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