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Code Retreat in Boulder, Colorado

February 26, 2011

I’m in beautiful downtown Boulder, getting ready to attend a code retreat with Ruby greats like Corey Haines, Chad Fowler, Dave Thomas*, Mike Clark, Michael Feathers and many more.

Last night I hung out with some KC friends and we setup our dev environments for the event. I got motivated, and created a base environment on GitHub you can download. It runs your tests automatically using Watchr every time you save your code file, and if you’re on a mac it even takes a screen shot at each save! Now you can go back and relive the magic. Maybe string them together into a video with a little commentary, and boom – easy post-retreat blog video.

Use the link above, and let me kno w if it was useful!

*not the Wendy’s guy, as my wife likes to ask. You’d think since the world is down to just one living, notable Dave Thomas that joke would get a little old. I think the people who grew up watching Wendy’s commercials will also have to die out first :)