Many companies are interested in learning more about Ruby on Rails, but are unsure of where to start. In Kansas City specifically, there are no web development shops that specialize in Rails, although there is a growing community of freelance developers and we do collaborate on larger projects occasionally.

Individual Tutoring

I have done one-on-one tutoring with developers interested in Rails. Some were Ruby developers interested in learning the Rails framework, and others have been brand new to Rails. The best method for this is pair programming. By coding an application together, the newer developer learns first-hand how the experienced developer does things “the Rails way”. The best results come when the student has a real-world application, and we lay the groundwork together.

It’s always helpful to have a good foundation before being tutored. Reading Agile Web Development with Rails is a great start. With this starting point, a student can get the most value out of working with me.

Corporate Training

I’m also available to train small teams of developers. One of the most difficult tasks for existing development teams is to move to a new technology. As a developer in the corporate world, I experienced a wide-scale migration to Ruby and Rails from another language (Perl, in this case) and lived to tell about it. I’ve seen the pitfalls, experienced the pain, and I can show others a much better way.

I can save a company months, and tens of thousands of dollars, with a 1-2 week launch followed by consulting as needed. A large part of my business has been rescuing Ruby on Rails applications when inexperienced developers weren’t able to get the job done. It’s difficult to learn a new technology and use it to develop an enterprise-level application at the same time. It’s much easier, and cheaper, to start with someone who can guide you.


  • I was trained by the authors of the Rails Bible, Agile Web Development with Rails.
  • I’ve spent the last three years deeply entrenched in Ruby on Rails.
  • I’ve performed a number of rescue operations for Rails projects gone awry.
  • I speak regularly at the Kansas City Ruby User Group.
  • I’ve created several plugins and gems for Ruby and Ruby on Rails, released to the public domain.
  • I am a core contributor to the Rails source code itself.

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